10 steps to convincing yourself your idea will work

10 steps to convincing yourself your idea will work

10 steps to convincing yourself your idea will work

10 steps to convincing yourself your idea will work

Before writing your business plan you need to check that you’re on the right track.

This is the right time to turn back if you have nagging doubts.

Here’s a final ten step, pre-stan-up checklist to help you decide if your idea really is going to work

1. Will it last?-a business is like a dog, it will demand your attention several times a day until you sell it or it dies.

It has to excite you or you will not find the energy to succeed.

2. Will my partner approve? – a business cannot be cited as the other party’ in a divorce, your life partners may become jealous of your new passion.

Make sure yours won’t.

3. Does mum like it? – parents like to be consulted, it makes them feel wanted.

Remember that if they approve of your enterprise they may be able to help in some way.

4. Deep pockets? – are you going to run out of cash before the business gets off the ground?

Before you read about business plans, listen to your instinct

5. What does bad look like? – we all have different pain barriers and it’s good to imagine what apocalypse looks like to you. Are you hooked on the good things in life or are you prepared to put it all on the line?

6. Fallback skills? – don’t get too depressed, but if the proverbial hits the fan how would you earn a crust? Everyone has baseline skills (driving, cooking, selling, etc.). Imagine doing it for a living.

That is your worse-case scenario.

10 steps to convincing yourself your idea will work

7. What exactly do you want to achieve? – ask yourself again if it’s money that motivates you.

Do you want to change lives? You may be happier starting a social enterprise.

8. Are you a self-starter? – you’re going to experience ups and downs.

Have you the resilience to bounce back when someone or something’s knocked you for six?

9. Do you like surprises? – the entrepreneur who doesn’t get surprised lives with their eyes closed. If you want an orderly, predictable life don’t start or buy a business.

10. Read Kipling – take a moment to look up that famous poem If.

If you can read the poem and see yourself having the strength to succeed – read on!

Sometimes, however, the urge to just go for it is too strong to resist and you’ll ignore the so-called warning signs and do it anyway.

The key point to remember is to limit your risk so that if it doesn’t work out, you can survive to try again another day.

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