10 ways to find time to plan

10 ways to find time to plan
10 ways to find time to plan

10 ways to find time to plan

We’re all busy people and finding time to plan your new enterprise can be a challenge Remember that what you need to do at the outset is to think and you can do that almost anywhere. Here then are ten ways you can find the time to plan.

  1. Daydream-something deep inside is urging you to consider setting up on your own Stop reading right now, sit back, close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine what your enterprise might look like.
  2. Ask your family – parents, partners and even children have a knack of knowing us better than we think. What’s more, if your parents have had their own business then, statistically, your own venture is more likely to succeed
  3. Check your diary-in the early days you won’t have time for golf or nights in the pub. Cut back on your social life to plan your business. If it’s too dif ficult, you might need to think again.
  4. Break a leg – OK this is a bit drastic. Often though, it does take an

enforced spell at home to really think things through. Why not take a sab

batical from work?

  1. Lose the phone – try travelling with your mobile phone switched off, and use the freedom from distraction to explore your business ideas.
  2. Indulge your partner – book that dream activity holiday and then while you sit in the bar reflecting, planning and thinking, your can be skiing, diving or climbing and warming to the idea!
  3. Walk the dog – those early morning forays will test your fortitude, com mitment and willingness to get out of bed on Sunday mornings. Fresh air is good for creative thinking.
  4. Ask the boss – in today’s enlightened workplace, leaving to start on your own can be viewed quite positively. If your boss rates you, they may well become your first client.
  5. Paint the house – decorating will give you more time confined to one room, free of cerebral distraction. It might also mark, in a physical way, the start of a new way of life.
  6. Wallow – instead of the hurried shower, soak in the bath and let your

mind wander.


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