10 ways to involve your family in your dream

10 ways to involve your family in your dream

10 ways to involve your family in your dream

10 ways to involve your family in your dream

Small businesses can be more demanding than small children.

It makes sense to get the whole family involved in your new venture.

If nothing else, it will stop them turning into strangers as you battle away on your own.

10 ways to involve your family in your dream

1. Search the net-let’s face it, your kids are probably better at finding stuff

online than you are.

Why not get them to research your idea?

2. Mystery shopping – once you’ve spotted who your rivals are,

get your relatives to contact them posing as potential customers.

Recognize that others might do this to you!

3. Visit the bank-if your partner does your banking, perhaps in their lunch hour,

they will see how well your business is doing.

It also saves you having to go.

4. Insource – when you start out, managing costs is almost as important as generating sales.

Use family labor to carry out the tasks you will one day outsource-stuffing envelopes, packing consignments, etc.

5. Carry the phone – if you’re out of the (home) office a lot and your partner

is at home with the kids, a portable phone will be useful for taking mess

ages for you. Make sure the baby doesn’t cry!

6. Paint the walls – starting a business is fun.

Have the whole family help you prepare your office, shop or workshop.

7. Fill the vase – if you’re a man you’ll probably overlook some of the things that a woman would remember.

Ask your partner to be responsible for keeping some flowers on your desk- it’ll brighten your day.

8. Change the fuse-alternatively, if you’re a woman, however competent at DIY, your partner will probably welcome being invited to be your maintenance man.

9. Book a break-you’re busy and working hard but you need to take time out from time to time.

Set some dates, discuss a budget and have your partner surprise you and book regular breaks-,even an evening out is often enough.

10. Buy the vision – everyone close to you needs to appreciate your vision for the enterprise you’re establishing.

10 ways to involve your family in your dream

it will make the sacrifices seem worthwhile.

Many people will tell you that you should never start a business with family or close friends.

This is because emotional ties can make it difficult to remain objective and,  as many family firms have found, it’s difficult to fire someone you live with!

However, many of the most successful businesses are run by husband and wife, brother and sister or long-term friends.

You simply have to make sure that you put the business need first, rather than simply create a role for someone you love.

Protect your relationship if you work with family or friends

Have a written partnership or shareholder agreement that defines the deal.

Use written job descriptions to define roles and job boundaries.

Avoid intimacy in the workplace.

Don’t show favor – treat everyone the same.

If you work with your partner, don’t discuss work at home-have a life outside!


Best friends at college, the two Malcolm’s decided they’d like to set up a business together when they graduated.

Both fascinated by IT, they established a software business and later moved into internet services.

Outside work, they have quite different interests and rarely meet socially.

‘We knew we could trust each other and shared similar values when it came to the basics of running a business,’ they told me.

After more than 25 years, they are still working together and still happy.

Their roles have evolved over the years as their business has grown.

When it comes to making decisions though, they always share responsibility.

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