Computing Fundamentals

Computing Fundamentals

Computer Maintenance

Computing Fundamentals

interesting e of computers and the information

It is true that computers have made a positive impact in our lives. They have made

I daily lives much easier, our work more efficient, our learning more interest and convenient and our game playing more exciting. As the use of computer tas grown in volume and importance, protecting computer systems and the information they hold has become increasingly important. Computer responsibilities that govern their use of technology, including following guidelines and policies for use as well as protecting their own privacy, exercising ethical conduct online, and maintaining a safe work environment. This lesson explores the many issues of computer maintenance, the risks of computing, and the measures that can

be taken to minimize those risks.

Protecting Computer Hardware from Theft

and Damage Theft of and damage to computer equipment is a serious problem that many businesses and other organizations face. In addition to the capital loss of equipment and the related down time until it is replaced, the loss of sensitive and confidential information could have long-term consequences to the business or industry. One of the more important safeguards you can implement in the workplace is to physically secure equipment, especially items such as notebook computers, handheld devices, cell phones, and other transportable devices.

Preventing computer theft

You can apply the following safeguards to help protect computer hardware from theft and loss of data:

If the equipment is located within an office or open lab, use security locks and/ or tabs to secure the equipment to the desk or other furniture. Attach an alarm that will sound if the equipment is moved from its designated location. Mark all equipment with an identification mark that can be traced easily.

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