The Greek term “to exercise naked” in sport

The Greek term “to exercise naked” in sport

The Greek term “to exercise naked” in sport.

The Greek term “to exercise naked” in sport.

The Greek term “to exercise naked” in sport.

Gymnastics is the practice of doing systematic exercises, sometimes with the use of rings, bars,

and other apparatus, as a competitive activity or to enhance strength, agility, coordination,

and physical conditioning.


Gymnastics, is derive from a Greek phrase meaning “exercise naked”, which is use in ancient times.

Greece refer any exercises perform at the gymnasium, where male athletes did exercise unclothed.

Some of these activity got  into the Olympic Games,

which lasted until 393 CE.

Some of the contests listed under this historical concept of gymnastics,

subsequently became different sports, such as athletics (track and field), wrestling, and boxing.

In the ancient world, only tumbling and a primitive type of vaulting exist;

nowadays, gymnastics encompasses all of these disciplines.

Egyptian hieroglyphs, for example, depict versions of backbends,

and other tricks being perform with a partner, is a well-known painting,

from Crete somewhere at the palace of Knossos depicts a jump shooter completing,

either a corkscrew or a tail slide over a rushing bull In ancient China,

we also consider tumbling an art form.

Acrobatics show in stone carvings discovered,

in Shandong province during the Han dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE).

Practice of tumble is done by travelling troupes of thespians, dancers, acrobats,

and jugglers throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.

Tumbling appears to be an activity that originated in a variety of forms across numerous civilizations,

with minimal cross-cultural impact.

For example, the hoop-diving shown in Tuccaro’s book appears,

to be a sort of tumbling observed in ancient China.

Circus acrobats were the first to use crude trampolines,

and tumbling and acrobatics of all types were later included in the circus.

The Best Gymnasts Champions

Eastern Europe has formed many of the world’s best gymnasts.

Larisa Latynina of Ukraine, who later became the coach of the Soviet Union team,

is largely considered the finest female gymnast of all period,

have won the versatile title in two Olympics (1956 and 1960) and two world competitions (1958 & 1962).

This distinction has never been given to another gymnast.

Latynina’s greatest competitor was Czechoslovak Vra áslavská,

after some time who became the Czech Republic’s Minister of Sports.

Aslavská won the all-around championship three times,

twice at the Olympics (1964 and 1968) and once at the World Championships (1966).

The Olympic Gymnasts

Olympic gymnastics is separated into three classes: artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline.

Floor exercises, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar,

and combined exercises (the all-around) are the artistic gymnastics events for men.

The combined exercises for men compete in both an individual and a team format.

Floor exercises, vault, uneven bars, balancing beam, and mixed exercises,

both team and individual, are the artistic events for women.

Rhythmic group gymnastics was initially part of the women’s artistic program,

but it became a separate discipline when it was launch worldwide in 1963 at an invitational tournament in Budapest, Hungary.

Following that, beginning in 1964, the Fédération International Gymnastics (FIG),

organized a global tournament in the even-numbered years.

The discipline presently known as rhythmic gymnastics was first known as contemporary rhythmic gymnastics,

and then as rhythmic sports gymnastics,

before becoming an Olympic sport in 1984.

Only female gymnasts compete in this sport.

Gymnastics is a naked exercise for what reason?

The name is derive from the Ancient Greek term gymnós, which means “naked” or “nude.”

The gymnasia could only be use by adult male inhabitants.

Athletes contest naked, which belief to enhance visual appreciation,

of the masculine physique and to pay homage to the gods.

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